"Amanda’s reading has been of a great help to me. Concrete and concise, it provides me with a clear hints about how to deal with some concerns of my professional future. From the very beginning, she was friendly and extremely helpful, both, before and after the reading (some things could need a better understanding). Her reading was very precise on what is going on in certain aspects of my life, and she was very helpful on the interpretation of what the cards were showing. From the bottom of my heart, and in the most honest way, I would recommend Amanda’s reading. It has been of a great assistance to me.” -- AS, Japan.

"Thank you, Amanda, for getting back to me so quickly and for such a beautiful reading. I had Tarot readings in the past and they were just readings with no advice, just predictions. I love your reading because you give advice. I personally think this is the most important thing in Tarot and that is why I will be definitely using your services in the future. Your reading was incredibly accurate! And you really hit the bull's-eye on certain things. It brought a smile to my face." -- Inga, UK.

"I loved Amanda’s writing style.  She has a lovely way with words and used beautiful imagery to explain some of the cards.  The reading flowed so easily, and it was very caring and accepting, even with a difficult subject. She managed to dive very deeply with very little information, and she did so with kindness and sincerity. The reading felt like an embrace, and it helped me gather strength to go through some much needed self assessment and healing. I felt lighter after the reading, and that's what I most needed.” -- Maria, Argentina.   

"Amanda has a very open and warm manner that comes across in the reading, and she struck a fine balance between her knowledge of the cards and her psychic input. In the end, she really hit the nail on the head." -- Stephanie, Australia.

"Amanda's reading described my situation perfectly. Before the reading, I felt unsure about a job decision. Now, I feel happier and much more focused on what I need to do to achieve my goals." -- George, USA.

"Amanda's reading resonated with me and was very accurate. Her advice was sound and welcome. She was also very understanding of a very private situation. I thank her deeply."  -- Catherine, UK.      

"Amanda did a great job with my reading.  She was right in line with what was happening in my life, and I feel better prepared for what's ahead thanks to her insights. I highly recommend a reading by Amanda for anyone looking for guidance and insight."  -- Ella, USA.

"Overall this reading was excellent. I like the way Amanda accurately picked up on certain, important things. After the reading, I feel a lot better and more confident. It certainly answered a lot of questions and confirmed some issues I was having. Amanda made me feel a lot better about my future. Thank you." -- Greg, UK.  

"I have nothing but good words from my tarot experience with you! From the start, I felt your desire to assist me in my confusion... And all your insights are in tune with what is going on with me right now. Your advice too was a reminder which I really needed to hear at this time. I hope that you will continue to help others with your gift of intuition and counsel."   -- Ron, Philippines.