Guest Card: Ace of Pentacles

Tarot Lovers, we have a most special guest with us today - none other than the Hand in the Ace of Pentacles card! 


Amanda: Ah! I was wondering this! (examining the hand). It's really just a hand, isn't it? No arm connected to a body or mechanical contraption of some kind?

Hand with Pentacle: (tosses over a cell phone)

Amanda: What is this?  Oh, I seeeee! You text somehow...that's how you communicate?

Hand with Pentacle: (via text) This is one way. I can communicate in many different ways. The most challenging aspect with all of the Aces is getting people to notice us. Fortunately for me, I have a physical tools at my disposal. It's harder for the human eye to miss me.

Amanda: Indeed! I can see your shiny Pentacle just sitting there on your palm! I sort of want to touch it...can...can I?

Hand with Pentacle: Calm, Amanda. 

Amanda: I know, I know. Sorry.  Honestly, it's just a little hard for me. I strongly identify with my sun sign, Capricorn, so when you appear, I get so excited! You could represent so much! A new job! A new car! A new relationship! New! New! New! I WANT IT!

Hand with Pentacle: Breathe, Amanda.

Amanda: (inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale...)

Hand with Pentacle: An important thing to remember when you see my card is that this represents a journey's beginning. I signify the start of the Pentacle line. You do not have to get far for things to become more involved and potentially more complicated. Just look at the 2 of Pentacles

Amanda: Very true. Do you think we sometimes set ourselves up for disappointment when we grab your Pentacle? 

Hand with Pentacle: Disappointment is the wrong word. It's more that you assign an experience to whatever the Pentacle represents that may not correlate to the Pentacle's value. For instance, when the Pentacle represents a new job...Yes, that job has the potential to develop you, see you advance, and pay you handsomely. But that does not mean the job will be without the occasional challenge or sacrifice. 

Amanda: Sure, but c'mon...aren't you inherently good? 

Hand with Pentacle: All of the Aces offer the potential for growth, and in that regard, yes, this Pentacle is good.

Amanda: What about when you turn upside down? What happens then?

Hand with Pentacle: Then you have lost the Pentacle, haven't you?

Amanda: Does that mean it wasn't meant to be?

Hand with Pentacle: It can mean that the opportunity is lost, yes. Or that it was not truly an opportunity in the first place - a red herring, if you will. Or something specific, like you dropped your new IPhone and cracked the screen...

Amanda: Who told you that??

Hand with Pentacle: Haha...

You know, it could also mean something more...

Amanda: More?

Hand with Pentacle: Well, Amanda, enlightenment comes in different ways. One way is when you release the need for the new and shiny, when you accept the transitive nature of life, when you absorb the understanding that material things come and go, but our souls will live forever.

Amanda: Whoa, that's deep! That's part of this card? 

Hand with Pentacle: It sure is. If you look at the image of the card, you see a gate leading to a row of mountains. Sometimes when we look beyond the material, we experience a whole new level of understanding. We bypass the Pentacle and simply walk under the gate into the unknown. There is beauty in this choice too.

Amanda: I'll say...I have goosebumps!

Hand with Pentacle: I am not sure what that is, but it sounds positive.

Amanda: Oh, it is! It is! 

Thank you, Hand with Pentacle, for such an interesting show! This was great!

Hand with Pentacle: Absolutely. Happy New Year. 

Amanda: New indeed!