Guest Card: 6 of Cups

Friends, I am delighted to welcome the Young Girl from the 6 of Cups card today! 

Amanda: Dear Girl, thank you for joining us today. Can you start by telling us how old you are?

Young Girl: I'm 12.

Amanda: So young! Why, you're still a child!  

Young Girl: I guess...

Amanda: Are you still in school?

Young Girl: I'm in seventh grade. 

Amanda: Super! Are you liking it?

Young Girl: Um, yeah, it's ok. I really like my art teacher. That's the best.

Amanda: Nice! I always liked art class too. It was nice to have a break from words, you know? Just do, not say or read or memorize.

Young Girl: Yup! 

Amanda: So, tell us about your Tarot card, here! What are you doing in this picture?

Young Girl: I'm smelling flowers that my grandmother gave me. 

Amanda: How sweet! Is that your grandmother, the small woman next to you?

Young Girl: Yeah, she's so small that some people thinks she's a child!  

Amanda: No...

Young Girl: They do! It's crazy.

Amanda: Do you and your grandmother spend a lot of time together?

Young Girl: I go over her house some days after school.

Amanda: And what do you do there? Do you play games? Do activities?

Young Girl: We play cards and do puzzles. She talks a lot. She tells me about when she was a child. She had lots of brothers and sisters, lots of crazy stories. 

Amanda: I bet! Does she give you lots of gifts, like she's doing in this photo?

Young Girl: Uh huh! She works at the gift shop at the hospital, so she always brings me lots of presents. 

Amanda: I bet she's passed on lots of other gifts too, some that you can't see, like your family's heritage and legacy.

Young Girl: Huh?

Amanda: Oh nothing! You'll understand when you're older... So, who's the man in this photo, the one walking up the hill?

Young Girl: I don't know! I tried to catch up with him, but he was always ahead of me...

Amanda: He's in the future.

Young Girl: What? He's not in the future, he just went into that building! I think it's a college.

Amanda: Well, you're not there yet, I understand, but someday you'll have to think about college, won't you?

Young Girl: I'm only twelve!

Amanda: But you're growing up! Someday you will no longer be a child. You will be an adult and your childhood will be something distinct, something you look back on. 

Young Girl: Riiiight, um....are we almost done?

Amanda: Sure! We can finish up. Let me just tell our audience that when your card is reversed, it could mean we're looking at a reluctance to let go of the past. The card upright denotes bittersweet memories of things like our childhood, but when it's upside down, it may mean we're stuck in those memories. The future beckons.

Young Girl: That sounds bad, getting "stuck". I wouldn't want that!

Amanda: Me neither! But it can happen to us all. You'll understand that someday too...

Young Girl: Alright already!

Amanda: Well, thank you Young Girl for coming on today's show! It was a pleasure having you. Enjoy middle school!

Young Girl: Thanks! I will!