Guest Card: Ace of Cups

Audience, our fabulous guest today is the Hand Holding Cup from the Ace of Cups card!

Amanda: So thank you, Hand Holding Cup, for coming! 

Hand Holding Cup shakes Amanda's hand hello. 

Amanda: Oh, what an Ace of Cups thing to do! It's nice to meet you to! I sure hope our new friendship has promise!

Hand Holding Cup gives the thumps up. 

Amanda: Awesome! So glad!

Hand Holding Cup raises its palm as if to say, "What's new?"

Amanda: Oh, you're asking me? So friendly! Let's see. Things here are fine, I guess. I'm...well...I'm a little worried about viewership, to be honest. It's not clear to me whether anyone's really watching the show at home. I mean, I know we have a viewers that stop by as they channel surf, but I'm not sure about dedicated viewers, you know? How many Aces of Cups, if say the cup represented a new friend to the Talking Tarot Talkshow, do we have? 

Hand Holding Cup points back toward itself as if to say, "You have me!"

Amanda: Oh, yes? You are a dedicated viewer?

Hand Holding Cup does another thumbs up!

Amanda: Well, great! That's one! That's a start! 

Hand Holding Cup makes a loud speaker shape with its hand, as if spreading the word to all of its friends.

Amanda: Oh, would you? That would be great, truly. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love holding the show, and if I only had one fan - one Ace of Cups - that would suffice. But I'm not quite sure I have that...there's my Mom, of course, and maybe my sister, but...well, you get it. 

So, enough about me. How have you been?

Hand Holding Cup takes the cup it's been holding and turns it upside down. Water splashes down on the floor. 

Amanda: Oh my! Hand Holding Cup! What is wrong? Are you sad...?

Hand Holding Cup points to a copy of the French newspaper sitting on the coffee table, "Je suis Charlie" written on the cover.

Amanda: Oh, oh yes. This is very sad. A very sad thing. This touched you deeply, yes?

Hand Holding Cup rests immobile.

Amanda: I can feel your grief, Hand Holding Cup. It's terrible. 

Hand Holding Cup suddenly thrusts the cup forward as if to say, "I want to help."

Amanda: Oh, yes, me too! But how? 

Hand Holding Cup tilts the cup left and right, left and right, then swirls it around...

Amanda: Oh, with joy! Yes, a return to joy! A new beginning! Yes, I would love to give our French friends this too! Laughter and gaiety! How I would love that...

Hand Holding Cup twirls the cup around. 

AmandaHand Holding Cup, the range of emotions you have shown us is just wonderful. We see how the Ace of Cups can signify both new people and relationships coming into our lives, as well as emotional turmoil and grief. Most of all, you've shown us that the Ace of Cups represents our basic emotional instincts in their most pure form.

And all without speaking a word... 

Hand Holding Cup glides its palm to one side, as if to relay "there you have it."

Amanda: Well, thank you, Hand Holding Cup, for this interview. I am excited that the TTT has you as a new friend - I hope to see many more of you in the future!