Guest Card: 3 of Wands

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Planning Man from the 3 of Wands card!

Amanda: Bienvenue, our planner friend! How are you today?

Planning Man: Amanda, I am doing great. Can't complain. I'm feeling really good about 2015. 

Amanda: So wonderful to hear! Do tell! What has you so excited?

Planning Man: Well, I've got some plans for expansion of my business.

Amanda: How exciting! What are you thinking?

Planning Man: I'm thinking big. I started this company a few years back, and it has been growing slowly. We've done well, but I think we have greater potential. It's time to test the old waters and see where we can take this thing.

Amanda: Mind me asking what your business is?

Planning Man: I sell hiking sticks.

Amanda: Hiking sticks?

Planning Man: Yep, long, short, thick, thin - anything that floats your fancy, really. With the boom in outdoor activity, adventure tourism and whatnot, we've seen a real need for support equipment, especially for those "baby boomers" looking to take to the trails.

Amanda: Hmm. I'm sorry, but I have to ask... In your card, the 3 of Wands, you're holding onto a wand, right? That's not a hiking stick, is it?

Planning Man: You see a wand, I see a hiking stick. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to. 

Amanda: Umm,'s just that wands are about a lot more than hiking apparel...

Planning Man: Amanda, let me put it this way - I see a thing that's going to help me get ahead in my life. I see a thing that will help me realize my dreams. No offense, but I just don't care what you call it!

Amanda: Ahhh, I see. It's almost like your stick, or wand, embodies your drive to succeed!

Planning Man: Yeah! I guess...sure. Listen, I'm a lucky man, and I'm about to get even luckier. If my strategy works, there will be a hiking stick under every tree in North America next Christmas. Just wait!

Amanda: Wow, that is mighty ambitious! Of course, there is always the risk...

Planning Man: Nope.

Amanda: Sorry?

Planning Man: Nope, I won't. We're not talking about reversals.

Amanda: But we have t...

Planning Man: I won't do it. Talking about how I might get stuck in this planning phase is not healthy for me. I just read a book about that. I need to put out only what I want to attract.

Amanda: The law of attraction?

Planning Man: Yeah, that's it! So, no talking about how when you're upside down, your plans aren't really ready for implementation. Or how you're paralyzed by fear and can't move ahead. Or how the process going forward may be too overwhelming...

Amanda: Uh huh...yeah, let's definitely not talk about that....

Planning Man: Right, yeah. Let's not. I just need to stay positive right now, Amanda. 2014 was good but I have big hopes for 2015. I want to be the Hiking Stick King! 

Amanda: (to herself) the King of Wands might have something to say about that...

Planning Man: What?

Amanda: Oh, nothing!  

Planning Man: Well, yeah, I think it's possible.

Amanda: Absolutely, at this stage, it is. Look at how far you've come! You've taken an idea and made it a reality. You've chosen a direction and now you're following it as far as it will take you. This is commendable! You deserve all the luck in the world!

Planning Man: Thanks, Amanda! I like that!

Amanda: Good, good. With that, we'll conclude today's show.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!