Guest Card: 2 of Swords

Friends and colleagues, today's guest is the Double-Sworded Woman from the 2 of Swords card.



Amanda: Welcome to our show!

Double-Sworded Woman: Thank you very much.

Amanda: It's wonderful to have you come by. How are things going?

Double-Sworded Woman: Well, it's ok. I'm...I'm dealing with something right now, but overall I'm ok.

Amanda: Oh? What's on your mind?

Double-Sworded Woman: Well, I don't want to bore your audience with my problems...

Amanda: Oh, please! We're here to learn about you!

Double-Sworded Woman: It's just that I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have to make a choice, and I have no clue what to do. 

Amanda: Can you tell us more about it? What kind of choice?

Double-Sworded Woman: It's sort of personal, I hope you understand. Let me just say that I've recently learned some new information, and now I'm deciding whether to follow a new path. It's tricky...

Amanda: Sure, I get it. How are you tackling this issue?

Double-Sworded Woman: Well, I'm doing lots of lists - weighing the pros and cons, comparing short and long term benefits, as well as short and long term costs. So far, nothing has made up my mind. I'm totally split between two options. 

Amanda: What does your heart say?

Double-Sworded Woman: My heart? No offense, but my heart doesn't have a say in this decision. This is 100% mental. I just need to think it through. The answer will come to me.

Amanda: Are you sure that's wise? I can't help but notice you're wearing a blindfold. How can you fully evaluate your choices when you cannot see the situation in its entirety?

Double-Sworded Woman: Can anyone ever see the whole situation? That's not how the world works. No one can be "all knowing" - well, not humans at least. No, no. I have the faculties of the mind at my disposal. I will use those and be fine.

Amanda: You seem very calm about this. Are you always this way?

Double-Sworded Woman: Huh, oh no...There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed with the choice. I mean, if I do not choose widely, I could get hurt! I don't want that! 

Amanda: Is this one of the signs that your card is reversed?

Double-Sworded Woman: You bet. Although, sometimes the reversal just indicates I'm not sharing this decision with anyone. I was like that in the beginning for quite awhile. I just wanted to keep it to myself.

Amanda: I can understand that. What else can turn you upside down?

Double-Sworded Woman: Lots of things, I suppose. Refusing to see that I have a choice, failing to make a decision when it's due, allowing the dilemma to overwhelm me, or finally making the decision...any of those reasons and others, too! 

Amanda: Absolutely! I think you have covered quite a few there. 

Double-Sworded Woman: Like I said, I tend to rely on my mental aptitude. It's gotten me far...

Amanda: Well, umm, not THAT far - you're only at the 2 position in the deck ...

Double-Sworded Woman: That may be, but I've got a lot of potential! Once I make this decision, I'll be off! You'll see!

Amanda: Double-Sworded Woman, I certainly hope so. Thank you for coming on the show today. We wish you an abundance of clarifying information so that you may make this decision with ease!

Double-Sworded Woman: That would be nice! Thanks!