Guest Card: 10 of Pentacles

Good day, everyone! Today's show is one of our biggest! We are welcoming the entire group from the 10 of Pentacles card! 

Amanda: Welcome to the show everyone! 

Let me quickly introduce you so we know who's here with us. We have Man, Woman, and Child over here to my right. On my left, we have the Older Man. I am sad to say that the two grey dogs could not be with us -- we were informed that they were too busy chasing squirrels...

Child: They chase rabbits too!

Amanda: Ha, and rabbits! Thank you for the information, Child. Tell me, who are these two adults seated next to you?

Child: This is my Mum and my Daaaad!!

Amanda: How wonderful! Man and Woman, how does it feel to be in such a prominent Tarot card?

Man: Well, it feels great! Ya know, we have been living and working in our hometown for decades. I, myself, grew up here, and my wife is from another town nearby. We decided to settle here after we got married, and I have to say, I think we've really hit our stride. We couldn't be happier.

Woman: I have to agree with my husband here. Even though I am not from this place originally, I have worked and volunteered in the community for years now, and it really feels like home to me. We have friends and family nearby to spend our free time with. Our jobs are stable and fulfilling. And Child has the comfort of a safe and stimulating environment.  Life is good.

Amanda: Wow, it really feels like you have made it. Tell me, Older Man, do you share their feelings of fulfillment?

Older Man: Oh, in a way, sure. But at my age, you see the world a bit differently. For them, they see their work, their family, their friends. I, on the other hand, see the beauty in these relationships. I see their "golden years" as they unfold. Do they realize that this is the time of their lives? That this feeling of community is what it means to be rich? They may not, and that is ok. Sometimes you don't see how good you've had it until it's gone. That this time is temporary, well...I am aware of that too. This good feeling is fleeting...

Man (to Older Man): I am sorry, have we met? I do not think I know you...

Woman: ...although, are you the man who sits down at the park on the bench? I think I've seen you there before...our dogs always like to run over to you...

Older Man: Why, yes, I am often there. It's a quiet place, and I love the animals. You see, I have traveled the world during my life, soaking up as much about this world as I could. But now, now, I just want to sit, be still, and bask in the wonder that is this moment. 

Amanda: Sounds very "Zen"...are you Buddhist? 

Older Man: I have meditated with monks, but no, I am not Buddhist. When it comes to spirituality, I have no label. I blend together the various spiritual concepts that resonate with me, and that gets me by.

Amanda: This robe that you's simply amazing!

Older Man: Hahaha, thank you! I bought this years ago at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul...well, it was actually called Constantinople at that time...

Amanda: It was??! Exactly how old are...

Older Man (cutting Amanda off): ...anyhow, I have had it ever since. (He winks.)

Amanda: Huh, ummm...whoosh, did the temperature just change in here? I am feeling a bit funny...

Man: Yeah, me too!

Amanda: Huh, ok. Well, let's move on...reversals. You know we have to discuss them. Can we go over what happens when your card is reversed?

Woman: Sure, I can actually sum it up, I think. When we are reversed, something is preventing us from being content in our lives. It's like we know we should be happy, but we cannot be. There is something holding us back.

Another interpretation could be that we are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the people and the community and the parties and school know what I mean. Sometimes we just need to be alone. Or to be like our friend here, Older Man, and go sit on a bench and chill. I call this "community overload."

Speaking of Older Man, a third way to look at our card reversed has to do with his perspective. It's when we see the world his way, even if just for a moment. For instance, my grandmother died a few months ago. Right after I got the call, I sat down and stared at the TV. I just happened to be watching an episode of Modern Family, and I had this feeling, this voice inside of me, that said "this is what it's all about. Family. Love. Relationships." It was almost an out of body experience, that realization was so strong. This is what I mean. It's like you step outside of the community for just a second and see what's been right in front of you this whole time.

Amanda: Amazing, truly amazing. I think we have all had that experience at least once or twice in our lives, particularly at the big moments. I like seeing this card that way.

Woman: Absolutely. Me too.

Amanda: Well, on this beautiful note, I would like to thank the group from the 10 of Pentacles for joining us today. This has been a really great interview. I hope you got as much out of it as I did. 

Man: Yeah, so much.

Woman: Indeed, wonderful.

Older Man: Pure magic.

Child: Again! Again! 

Amanda: Haha, I like the way you think, Child! We will do it again soon!