Guest Card: 9 of Wands

Lovely audience, today's guest took a bit of convincing to get on the show, so give a warm, warm welcome to the Bandaged Man from the 9 of Wands!

Amanda: Welcome to the show! I am so glad that you agreed to come on.

Bandaged Man: Yeah, it's alright.

Amanda: I hope you don't mind me asking, but was there any reason why you didn't want to come on?

Bandaged Man: It's just that I've been around awhile, and I haven't always had a great time on shows like this. 

Amanda: Oh! Well, that's a shame. What would you say was the worst experience you've had?

Bandaged Man: Well, one time the host had me do some stupid game, which was embarrassing enough. But then when I watched the show when it aired, I noticed that my fly was down the entire segment! So I looked like an even bigger idiot than I had thought!

Amanda: Ouch, yeah, that is rough. I could see why you would've sworn off talk shows after that experience!

Bandaged Man: Yeah, I don't really like talking about it.

Amanda: But here you are! Back! This is very brave of you. I think you are really embodying the spirit of your Tarot card just by getting back on your feet again. Bravo.

Bandaged Man: Ha, more than you know. I made a deal with my agent that if I did three talk shows, I'd never have to do another one. So, I'm just waiting until this torturous experience is behind me for good. I'm pretty close. Just a little more to go.

Amanda: Wow, cool! Then I'm doubly glad we got you! How lucky of us!

Bandaged Man: I know! You almost missed out for good!

Amanda: Seriously! Well, let's move on, shall we? I have to say. Last week, we had a great time with the Sad Gentleman from the 5 of Cups. And he did this cool thing where he did the second half the interview in a handstand. Would you mind if we tried something similar?

Bandaged Man: Umm...I know I can't really do handstands.... 

Amanda: Not necessary! We have here a wheel, (yelling to someone offstage) can we roll in the wheel? Ok, so we have here this giant, vertical wheel. You just need to climb on and tie yourself in. Then we'll spin you on your head and see what emerges!

Bandaged Man: This sounds...I dunno...

Amanda: Oh, come on, please! It'll be fine! I promise that you'll be zipped up the entire time!

Bandaged Man: Ok...(he climbs onto the wheel and TTT assistants fasten the straps around his wrists and ankles.)

Amanda: Great, now turn him!

Bandaged Man: Whoaaa.....whooooooa.....I don't know about this!

Amanda: There you are, completely reversed! Tell us, what do you think?

Bandaged Man: Get me off! Get me off of here! I don't like it! Please! PLEASE!

Amanda: Whoa, ok! ok! (the assistants turn him back right-side up and unfasten the buckles.)

Bandaged Man: (huffing angrily) I can't believe I just did that! I'm leaving! Forget this!

Amanda: Nooo! Wait! 

Bandaged Man(moving toward the door, screaming) You want to see what happens when I go reversed....HERE! (he leaves and slams the door).

Amanda: Please don't go! What about your three shows? You won't get credit for this talkshow! What about sticking it out?




Amanda: Well, audience, I'm afraid he's gone. It appears the whole ordeal simply became too much for him, and he had to leave. I guess that's what happens when he goes reversed. It's a shame too, because his story of bravery and courage is actually quite inspiring. I hope he can find the strength to return and finish out the show.