Guest Card: 5 of Cups

Friends, today on the Talking Tarot Talkshow we have the Sad Gentleman from the 5 of Cups. Let's welcome him to the show!


Amanda: Thank you so much for joining us today, Sad Gentleman. 

Sad Gentleman (sighs): Thanks. Amanda. I wish I could be here under happier circumstances, but alas...

Amanda: Oh, I know how you are feeling. Things aren't going too well for you, are they? Did something happen?

Sad Gentleman: It's over.

Amanda: What's over?

Sad Gentleman: My relationship. It's over.

Amanda: I'm so sorry. Do you want to talk about it?

Sad Gentleman: We had been together for awhile, and suddenly, it was over. I didn't see it coming...well, not entirely...and now I'm just here, trying to figure out if there was something I could have done. We were SO good together. I mean, walks in the park, strolls on the beach, long talks under a full was so perfect.

Ugh!!! (tearing up) Why does it have to be like this? I'm done with relationships! Done! 

Amanda: Now, now. I know it is difficult, but things will get better. They always do! 

Sad Gentleman: People tell me this, and I suppose part of me believes them. Intellectually, I know it to be true, but my heart still hurts. It's hard to see past this hurt. 

Amanda: I notice in your Tarot card that you are alone, a solitary figure. Do you get out much?

Sad Gentleman: I used to. Me and my former lover, we were a force to be reckoned with. We loved going out to clubs and partying all night. We had friends in every corner, ever fashionable bar, every hip restaurant. I was so proud of us. We were the "it" couple.

Now, I wonder, if in addition to losing my lover, if I've also lost these friends, this life. Sometimes it's not just the person you lose, but everything else you created together. It's like when a ship goes down, you don't just lose the ship but everything else on board...

God, if I could only go back and do it again. I'd never accept that date! I'd never say yes!

Amanda: I know, I know. Trust me, I know. I've experienced heartache, I do know how this feels. But I also know that relationships are sometimes ill-fated from the start, not because they're faulty, but because they were never meant to last. There was a purpose to it...

Actually, can you do me favor? I happen to know that you are very good at yoga. Can we finish this interview upside down? Headstand time!

Sad Gentleman: Uh, what? You're not serious...

Amanda: Serious indeed! We need to break you out of this funk, and I think a reversal is just the way to do it!

Sad Gentleman: OK...well, here, hold onto my cape.

Amanda: Got it.

Sad Gentleman (now totally reversed): Alright, here I am! Now what?

Amanda: Now I want you to tell me what this relationship gave you. What was the upside?

Sad Gentleman: Oh, that's easy actually. My partner helped me start my business. I had been tinkering with an idea for eons, and they pushed me to actually make it real. I would never be where I am without them.

Amanda: Well, that's pretty amazing. What a nice gift they gave you! Anything else?

Sad Gentleman: Sure! I learned to cook because of them. I also learned a lot about clothes and how to keep up my general appearance. Those things were not as important to me before.

Amanda: Fabulous. You can sit back down in the chair now, if you like...

Sad Gentleman: Ha, ya know, I sort of don't want to! This feels great!

Amanda: Or not! Heck, I won't judge! Stay there until you're ready to move on. Whatever you do, promise me that you won't stop seeing the upside, that you'll find that silver lining in the cloud. Take that with you, leave the rest.

Sad Gentleman: I think I get it, Amanda. It may be tough, but I promise to keep working at it.

Amanda: That's all I can ask, my friend. Thank you for coming by today! Your visit enlightened us all, I think. I hope to see you back here, perhaps looking a bit more like the 6 of Wands, if you get my drift...

Sad Gentleman: Ha, oh I do! Love that guy!

Amanda: Don't we all!

Cheers, everyone!