Guest Card: 8 of Swords

Audience, I am happy to welcome to the Talking Tarot Talkshow the young, blindfolded woman from the 8 of Swords.

Amanda: We are so pleased that you could join us today. We know things are a little difficult for you right now.

Blindfolded Woman: Thanks. Yeah, things haven't been easy lately, as you know.

Amanda: Can you tell the audience a bit about what's troubling you?

Blindfolded Woman: (sighs) Where to begin? Let's just say I am caught in a bad situation, one that I feel like I have no control over. All I can do is think about it over and over. There seems to be no easy answer, besides wait for something to change.

Amanda: Surely there is something you can do to ease this feeling of powerlessness? As a start, why don't you take off the blindfold?

Blindfolded Woman: Yeah, people say that to me all the time, but that's easier said than done. They are not in my shoes. They do not know the complex nature of my dilemma. My hands are tied...

Amanda: You sound so...dejected. Have you no hope?

Blindfolded Woman: Hope...I just don't have time for hope right now. I can't even think ahead to next week! All I can handle right now is small steps. Get up in the morning. Put one foot in front of the other. Repeat. That's my life for the moment.

Amanda: You sound sad...

Blindfolded Woman: I suppose that I am sad. I mean, how could I not feel sad given all that I have on my plate? Yes, I feel sad...and afraid. I fear doing something about this. I fear making a move. You see the swords on my Tarot card? Those swords are sharp. If I make a wrong move, I may feel pain. Lots of it.

Amanda: But then at least you'd be free from your binds...

Blindfolded Woman: And at what cost? I could lose so much more! No, no...I'll just wait for a solution to appear.

Amanda: I saw you once upside down. It was during a reading, and there you were...

Blindfolded Woman: Ah, yes, you saw that? Sometimes that happens. That feeling of being trapped in my situation becomes overwhelming and then I'm entrenched more than ever. Of course, that's not the only time...

Amanda: Oh? Do tell!

Blindfolded Woman: Well, sometimes I have a moment of clarity, sort of like my friend the Hanged Man from the Major Arcana. If I go upside down, watch out! First my dress pops ups and I'm exposed, but oh, the cool air can feel good on my bare skin! Then, of course, my blindfold and the binds slip away. The best part, though, is when those swords fall out of the earth. Bye Bye, Swords! Oh the feeling of freedom!

Amanda: This actually sounds wonderful!

Blindfolded Woman: Ha, yeah, it's a little thing about me. If you see me upside down, yes, things may look gloomy. But there is also a chance that I'm feeling pretty just depends on the day and the stuff that's going on.   

Amanda: I would say! Oh, one final question. In the card, there is a castle behind you. What is that castle?

Blindfolded Woman: Oh that? That's my home, where I'm from. It's a wonderful place. I wish I could get back there...

Amanda: As do I. Thank you again for joining us!

Blindfolded Woman: Thanks.