If you are like me, your desire to access the Tarot is rooted in a faith in something greater than meets the eye. I firmly believe that we go through each day with a veil in front of our eyes, a gauze that prevents us from seeing the truth of the human experience. Behind this veil lies a complex, patterned energy that is intelligent. Here too we discover our Angels, Guides, and dead loved ones, who never stopped existing but have transformed into their true, energetic selves. 

At its most basic, the Tarot is a deck of cards with images that represent the human experience. What makes the Tarot so cool, however, is that underlying those images is an ancient language. When we access the Tarot, we are attempting to speak this tongue, as old as Aramaic. This language speaks to Spirit...and Spirit responds.

Just like a foreign language, the rhythm and sounds of the Tarot come easier to some than others. For me, it took many years - maybe even lifetimes! - of practice, and my studies continue to this day.  However, I have been reading for close to ten years, and in a professional manner, for three. In 2014, I became a certified Biddy Tarot reader, an accomplishment of which I am very proud.

In the past few years, I have learned a few things about the Tarot and myself. First, I am a spiritual writer. That means that when giving a reading, I find it easiest to express the spiritual messages being relayed as I write. Second, my best readings are conversations that continue well after the reading is over as the cards often hold many layers of meaning. The subtleties can sometimes come through with more discussion. Third, we hold the power to change our futures if we so desire. Fate is an excuse for the passive. Because life is best lived pro-actively, the Tarot is at its best when we ask "how" we can accomplish something.    

Friends, the Tarot is a tool for helping you to live your best life. As a minister of this medium, I invite you to partake in it and see what it holds for you. Spirit is ready...are you?