Email Reading Example

Hi Faith,


Alright, so let's get down to your reading. You asked me about the potential in your relationship:

Focusing on your question and inviting your spirit guides to the reading, I shuffled the cards. I laid them out into a fan and pulled the following:

  •  Where is the relationship is now? Knight of Wands
  •  What is the challenge for the relationship? 8 of Wands reversed
  •  Where will she be in 10-15 years? 2 of Pentacles
  •  Why will she be here? Page of Swords
  •  What is the outlook for more kids? 10 of Pentacles
  •  How can she heal the relationship? Page of Pentacles

Faith, I know you're anxious for a response, so let me give the bottom line of the reading up front: You're fine. Your relationship will be stronger in 10-15 years time. The relationship is on a good track and you definitely have another child in your future (boy baby, I'd wager).

So, let's start with where your relationship is now. For this, we have the Knight of Wands. This is such a nice foot to start on because the Knight is all about forward movement and positive development. You and your husband have gotten through the worst of it, and now you're on your way to a happy and fulfilling partnership. To be sure, he is holding all the cards. You may be feeling like you've done most of the work to keep your relationship above water, and he's just riding on the back of your commitment. Perhaps, but know that he is securely on this horse. He's battle-weary, yes, but he's committed and focused on the future. You have no reason to worry about that.  

The main challenge you face now, as represented by the 8 of Wands reversed, is your busy schedules. There's a lot of energy around you, and I suspect you have a lot going on. Meetings, social events, children's activities, what have you. What's worse is that once it seems to be calming down, it only increases! This may be pulling you both in somewhat different directions. This is not the end of the world, but just be mindful that it's challenging for your partnership. To keep it in check, try to schedule some quiet time together.  

Indeed, this is inevitable because you are headed toward...

Two children! In 10-15 years, you both will be juggling two children, as seen in the 2 of Pentacles. What joy! These two kids will be the apple of your husband's eye. He's going to have a ball with them both. You may be feeling a bit emotional, but it's a happy feeling overall. He's grounded and totally enamored with his family. I can see trips to the beach for your holidays, cotton candy, and amusement parks galore! This is lovely to see.

The primary cause of this happiness is the Page of Swords, which I'm taking to be a new son (it could be a girl, but my gut says boy). This child brings so much joy to your house. He's such a smart little fellow. There will be lots to see and learn - I can see trips to the museum and the driving range, many football matches. Such wonderful energy here - I'm betting your hubbie would really like a son, am I right?! 

With the 10 of Pentacles and Page of Pentacles, I can see that your new child will really round out the whole picture for you. There's a feeling here of "I have it all" - the family you always wanted, the dog, the cat, the older parent or grandparent nearby. Spirit was rather insistent that a new baby would be nothing but a net positive for your partnership. It will accelerate the healing process for you, and give you something to look forward to - this new baby will prove to you just how far you've come. It'll be even better than you've imagined.

Faith, I simply cannot be happier for you! It appears that the work you and your husband have done to rebuild your relationship has paid off and will continue to do so well into the future. Stay positive, doubts and fears are your worst enemy. For practical day-to-day life, the biggest risk is that you'll be too busy to spend time with each other, but that's an easy fix. Call up that babysitter! 

Much joy, peace, and light to you!