If I could answer every question and relieve and inform every mind, trust me, I would.  However, I have my limitations—tough as that may be to admit—and some of you have unyielding expectations.  To prevent a miserable experience for us both, please keep the following things in mind when requesting a reading from me:

  1. Minors. I require parental/guardian consent to read for clients under the age of 18.

  2. Am I pregnant? Yes, I’ve been the woman that asks for this reading. Trust me, it’s not worth it. There’s puh-lenty of info on the web to help you figure that out, the best option of course being a good ol’ pregnancy test.

  3. Legal issues. I may be cheaper than a lawyer, but certainly not better than one. I won’t give out legal advice other than “follow the law.” However, I'd be happy to explore the emotions and circumstances surrounding a legal matter. 

  4. Medical issues. Same thing. I can’t give you medical advice. If it’s a question you’d ask your doctor, do not ask me. I’ll just tell you to ask your doctor. However, the emotions and circumstances pertaining to a health matter are perfectly ok.  

  5. Third Person Readings, such as asking if someone is cheating on you, are a no-no for me.  If the other person is not participating in the reading themselves, then this feels a bit like snooping.  Let's keep the focus on you.      

  6. Will I get the job? We won’t get far with Yes/No questions like this.  That’s like going to a buffet at a swanky resort and only getting a bread roll.  What a waste!  I’ll want to work with you to add to that question so we get the gooey white truffle, four cheese macaroni n’ cheese gratin instead. (That’s right, yum!)

  7. When will I find true love?  Time is awfully hard to deduce from a Tarot reading, and that's because your free will is constantly affecting the future.  Still, we can easily look at snippets of time, such as 3 or 6 months, and make some assumptions based on the correlating cards.