Hi there! I'm Amanda Cause, the Tarot reader here at Hidden Moon Tarot. 

The bond between reader and client is special because it is so intimate. Not only can a reading go beyond space and time, it can also open our eyes to our most personal emotions, failings, potential...It is above all a place where trust and compassion go hand in hand and where your emotional needs are top priority.     

As your friend and ally in life, I stand ready to perform this service.

Much joy, peace, and light to you,


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100 Affirmations for Tough Times

As a someone who derives spiritual insight from writing, I can tell you that words are so much more powerful than we know. In fact, experts have found that the repetition of a positive message or phrase, known as an affirmation, can reroute your brain, allowing you to manifest the energetic vibrations of these words. In this guide, I have crafted 100 affirmations to help soothe the toughest of times. Included is extra space where you can tap your own link to the divine by composing your own affirmations. Friends, why wait? Seize this opportunity and change your future now!